The best coffee shops and cafes to work from in Málaga

We decided a coworking space in Málaga wasn’t the best option for us, and instead chose to work from cafes and coffee shops instead.

Our round-up of the best coffee shops and work cafes in Málaga have all been personally tried and vetted by us to make sure they:

  • Are comfortable places to work from
  • Have good enough WiFi for tasks
  • Serve acceptable coffee
  • Are affordably priced

Best coffee shops to work from in Málaga

El Último Mono Juice & Coffee

Our absolute favourite laptop-friendly coffee shop in Málaga was El Último Mono. We loved it so much that it quickly eclipsed the other places on this list, which is why we think it’s the best cafe to work from in Málaga.

The WiFi was fast enough for most types of work and the drip coffee was strong, tasty and well-priced. We usually spent just under €6 for two coffees that were sipped over a few hours in the morning.

This coffee shop created the perfect atmosphere for us to work productively: superb music, a relaxed vibe, and zero WiFi issues in the two months we were there.

Even during busy periods, we could always find a seat. And the staff were very friendly and welcoming, even helping with our Spanish by sharing some cool expressions with us.

We couldn’t stop recommending this place to everyone and we miss it now we’re no longer in town!


Reviv in Málaga is one of the best places work cafes because it’s quiet and relaxed, the coffee is decent and the food is incredibly affordable. The staff are really friendly and don’t seem to mind you sitting with your laptop for a few hours. The WiFi is really strong and since the cafe isn’t too busy, you won’t be competing with anyone for bandwidth or space. Plus, they have plug sockets by the tables near the windows, and the outside gets shady outside of 12-2 so you can work outside if you like to.

We loved Reviv so much that we visited a number of times during our stay in Málaga. We sampled their smoothie bowls and toast snacks, and both options were healthy, delicious and very affordable. Expect a coffee and snack to set you back about €7.

Recyclo Bike Cafe

Another favourite coffee shop to work from in Málaga was Recyclo Bike Cafe. It’s much busier than other places on this list, but we were able to grab a table each time we visited. One of the things we really love about this cafe was the music and the general laid-back atmosphere.

The WiFi was strong enough for us to do everything we needed to. There are a couple of plugs but they’re in high demand, so charge your laptop before you go.

The menu is great, too. We went back for dinner one evening and had a tasty steak, chips and salad for under €10. The only let-down was our lunch arepa, so we’d recommend choosing something else if you visit.

Santa Coffee Roaster

Most of the coffee in Málaga isn’t great, so you need to go to a speciality coffee shop if you want to find something delicious. El Último Mono is one great option – but if you’re closer to a Santa Coffee Roaster then we’d recommend this, too.

They have a shop in Soho and a shop in the historic centre. Both have unbeatable coffee and some bargainous toast options, plus some gluten-free cakes.

The Soho location doesn’t have anywhere to sit inside, but they do have WiFi. You can work under the awning – but be warned that this gets pulled back when the sun hits at midday and it’s simply too bright to use a laptop.

Cafe Con Libros

Another decent cafe to work from in Málaga is Cafe Con Libros. This quirky cafe plays really great music, and the staff are really relaxed. The WiFi isn’t as strong as the other places on this list, but it’s usable.

The inside is pretty big and split into two sections. If you’d like somewhere quiet to hide away and work, the back section would be perfect. We preferred sitting in the front so we could stare out the windows and flag down waiters for multiple cups of coffee.


Health food cafe Noviembre is another great place to work from. It’s bright and spacious, they have a bargain lunch deal, and the WiFi is stable. Plus, each time we visited, it was pretty quiet with lots of free tables and few distractions.

We really liked their fresh fruit juices, salads and – most excitingly for us – they offer gluten-free bread with their sandwiches. The only downside is the service is a little different here: expect to wait a while for your order to be taken, or to be given the bill. That’s no bad thing, though, if you’re trying to stay as long as possible without overstaying your welcome.

Brunchit España

There are a few of Brunchits in Málaga, but the Alcazabilla one is better for working remotely as it’s much more spacious inside. It’s one of the more expensive places on this list, but their açai bowls can’t be beaten and the coffee is pretty decent. Both have sufficient WiFi for casual work, too.

Have we missed anywhere? Let us know – send us a DM on Instagram and we’ll add your recommendations to the list!

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