Budget: Two months in Malaga as a Digital Nomad

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Find out how much I spent during my first two months of digital nomadism in Malaga, Spain.

Top-line costs for two months:

  • Accommodation: £2,354.24
  • Groceries: £189.85
  • Eating and drinking out: £832.50
  • Coffee/lunch while working: £214
  • Shopping: £384.29
  • Weekend in Seville: £223.28
  • One night in Valencia: £117.55
  • Flights: £197.50
  • Total spent: £4,615.76

Let me give some context to the numbers and my spending style. Firstly, I’d left London where I was spending ~£3,000 a month (almost $4,000) on my rent, bills and entertainment. My goal for Spain wasn’t to save money but to just see what it would cost if I had a great time, so I could compare it to my old life in London.

I attempted to cook in the Airbnb but I couldn’t get along with the induction hob and I gave up pretty swiftly. I had snacks at home, and would sometimes make breakfast, but I ate lunch and dinner out almost every day. But by reflecting on these numbers, it’s very clear to see where money could be saved, and that’s on eating out. If I had bought a new pan for the Airbnb and cooked with that, I could have saved a few hundred pounds.

The accommodation, however, seems very well priced after speaking to friends I made in Malaga. Some were able to get apartments for a month at a slightly cheaper rate than me in February, but the prices really shot up in March. I still feel that $1,500 a month for a one-bed apartment (with a sofa bed for guests) in the centre of the old town, with a kitchen and strong wifi, was a very good price.

I spent less on coffee than I expected, considering I worked most days from a coffee shop or cafe in Malaga. I felt this offered better value than a Malaga coworking space and I think the numbers prove it.

My experience in February and March 2022 was that a cup of black coffee cost a couple of pounds, I could eat most meals for under £10 and beer and wine would be the same price as a soft drink. If you wanted to cut back the cost even further, it’s possible to find more bargainous meals in Malaga – or to shop in the wonderful market and eat at home.

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