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Remote Work Rebellion is here to advise and inspire you on how you can start working remotely and travel around the world.

Our Story

When I went backpacking in 2016, I noticed people working from Medellin in Colombia and discovered you could work and travel. That’s when I learnt what a digital nomad was, and set my sights on becoming one.

I first dipped my toe into the lifestyle two years later. I became established as a freelancer and attempted to work for a month in Bali in 2018. I only managed two days.

18 months later, I took my laptop on my six-week trip to Australia and was more successful with my freelance work – but challenges with wi-fi or other distractions meant I only worked 60% of what I planned to. My income suffered significantly that month, and I finally admitted that I didn’t have the self-control to travel and work for myself.

I improved my discipline and productivity and felt confident that 2019 would be my year. I planned to fly to Cancun and spend a couple of months in Playa Del Carmen, where I could freelance and dive and sample as many different tacos as possible, while brushing up on my Spanish.

I was due to go in April – but of course, that was no longer viable.

The uncertainty of the pandemic made me anxious. What would happen if I caught COVID and couldn’t work? Would I be let go like many other freelancers? What if the pandemic continued for a few months and travel was off the cards?

I decided to stop freelancing and took a permanent role at a company where I had previously worked as a contractor. I was attracted to the stability of sick pay, paid annual leave, and a stable monthly income. I took a pay cut in exchange for security, but the monotony of a 9-5 made me feel trapped.

A year into my role, I expressed my desire to travel and my boss was very supportive. I was the only employee in the wider organisation who had requested this, so it wasn’t a simple yes – but I trusted that it could happen.

In the meantime I started to prepare myself for the upcoming adventure:

  • I started Spanish lessons
  • I learnt about tax laws and residency
  • I researched visas and countless entry restrictions
  • I watched YouTube obsessively
  • I spent hours poring over blogs, videos and guide books and started to put an itineary together

Six months after my request, I eventually got the official letter to say my contract had been updated and I could travel and work remotely from 2022.

I’ll be sharing how you can do the same, and outlining my adventures of remote work and travel on this website.

Working from Monaco

“Join me as I take my first steps as a Remote Work Rebel”